A dream collaboration for a dream hand set

Maryah Greene is a New York based, Japan-bred Plant Stylist & Consultant. She is a graduate from the Bank Street College of Education mastering General Education and Literacy. While all seemingly unrelated, it’s Maryah’s blended background and upbringing -- paired with her inherent and undeniably nurturing nature -- that seamlessly lead to the creation of Greene Piece. Maryah has been extensively featured in press including  The Cut, Architectural Digest, GMA, New York Post, Vogue, The New York Times, etc. 

superzero Maryah Greene hand set

Mariah's journey

What started as an Instagram account filled with plant tips and tricks, has blossomed into a full-blown business. She solidified her position as New York’s go-to plant stylist following appearances and features in The New York Times, Vogue, Good Morning America and more. As Maryah shifted from studying formal education to cultivating green spaces through Greene Piece, she understood that the same relationships and methods  she developed in the classroom influenced her introduction of houseplant care and education to new and experienced plant parents alike. Much like her plants, Maryah knows what it’s like to start from seed and has no intention of stopping anytime soon.

superzero Maryah Greene hand set
As a plant doctor why was it special to create a product like hand care bars, specifically, with a brand like superzero?

"One of the things I see the most often in all of my plant parents is their commitment and drive to seeing their plant’s grow and thrive no matter what. Whether that means getting the finest soil, repotting for three hours or dusting every single leaf. We put so much time and effort into seeing things and people around us grow that we often need reminding that we’re a priority. We use our hands for everything from caring for plants, sending an email to simply making the food we eat. The creation of these hand care bars with superzero was my way of making hand care simple yet meaningful."

superzero Maryah Greene hand set

What do you love most about the Green Relief hand set?

"I love how portable these products are. I’ve made so much effort in the past to carry a small bottle of sanitizer, hand cream and exfoliant. However, I can't tell you how many times I've had a product spill in my bag. It seems like I'm either sacrificing self care for practicality or the other way around. These products make it easy to have both without putting much effort into it. I wonder what it would look like if more self care products prioritize sustainability, accessibility and mindfulness without it being a marketing tool. superzero does exactly that and I'm so proud to partner with them."

superzero Maryah Greene hand set

Can you share more on why you chose Camping To Connect as a charity for this collaboration?

"Being immersed in nature and experiencing the outdoors beyond my local community was a privilege for me while growing up. Apart from the occasional school-facilitated field trip in school, or 2 week summer camp, it was incredibly rare for me to fully be immersed in nature while growing up. Later, during my teaching years in inner city schools, I found that the same was true for a lot of my students. I wondered what it would look like if access to the outdoors and understanding nature meant more than the occasional trip to the inner city botanical garden. Those moments are what made me most curious about nature but it wasn't until I was much older that I understood the importance of understanding and respecting nature for the sake of preserving the earth. I believe that children will only have a limited understanding of why sustainability is important unless they have direct and sustainable access to nature. Respecting the earth and understanding the best ways to sustainably use it for human consumption can only truly be done if one has access to learning about it in-person. Camping to connect makes this a priority for children and more specifically, black children within inner cities.

As a former Elementary school teacher that worked with at-risk youth, it’s incredibly important to me that children have access to equitable education about sustainability, nature and the ways that we as humans can respect it. This collaboration is a small direct way for me to contribute to that goal while also sharing its importance with others."