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Are you suffering from dry, cracked hands? Do your hands look dull and greyish, or are they constantly exposed to blue light from the sun or computer screens, causing pigmentation and signs of premature aging? Meet the hand care product of your dreams with our Heavenly Hydration and Blue Light Defense Hand Balm Bar and say good-bye to dry, cracked hands for good.

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Why are my hands so dry?

Having dry hands is common, yet can be intensely irritating. The skin on the back of your hands is naturally very thin with little fatty tissue and has a much lower number of sebaceous glands (thus producing less sebum to protect and bind moisture to the skin). The skin also has a less powerful protective acid mantle due to its higher pH and a weaker hydrolipid film given the vast differences in skin type on the front and back of your hands. In addition to these built-in “drying” factors, our hands are hard workers and are constantly exposed to environmental stressors such as the sun, cold weather and wind, all of which draw moisture out of your skin, and chemicals such as surfactants and other cleansing agents, which impair the skin’s natural barrier function. Additional contributors to dry hands can be medical conditions and the side effects of medication (e.g., acne medication can cause very dry skin). In sum, it is no wonder that your hard-working hands have a tendency to become dry – and it’s also natural that they would be one of the first parts of your body to show signs of premature aging.

To get rid of dry hands and to keep them supple and smooth, you should give them the same love and attention as you likely do with your face. Specifically, you should make sure to:

  • drive moisture back into the upper layer of your epidermis,
  • avoid further water loss and allow the skin to heal itself through protecting it with an occlusive barrier,
  • reduce and protect your hands from environmental stressors.



best hand care
What is blue light and why does it matter?

As if this isn’t enough, your hands are also constantly exposed to blue light from sun and digital devices. 

Blue light is the blue wavelength of visible light. While it is beneficial during the day because it keeps you awake, makes you more attentive and helps with your mood, at night, it messes with your circadian rhythm by suppressing melatonin and thus negatively impacts your health by affecting your sleep schedule. When it comes to your skin, blue light penetrates very deeply into the skin and causes long-lasting hyperpigmentation by triggering a receptor deep in the skin that activates a cascade of oxidation reactions that result in dull skin and persistent dark spots that last longer than those you get from UV light. Most blue light exposure comes from the sun (also through windows) and some results from computer and cell phone screens emitting blue light. 

Blue light defense is important in beauty and body care to avoid dark spots and hyperpigmentation. We will tell you below how our hand lotion bar helps you hands with blue light defense.

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How does our bar help you get rid of dry, cracked hands?

We carefully developed our bar in an anhydrous system (thus, without plastic) and with all natural and vegan ingredients to hydrate, nourish and protect your hands and bring back the softness, suppleness, and smoothness you deserve. The key ingredient groups that help us make that happen are:

  • Emollients and skin conditioning agents: emollients and skin conditioning agents moisturize, and smooth your skin and bring back their natural suppleness. 
  • Occlusive agents: the role of occlusive agents is to form a film layer on your skin that protects it from further water loss and allows the skin to “heal” itself underneath (applying a thick layer of our balm at night and wearing cotton gloves over it overnight provides special occlusive powers that will work wonders on your hands)
  • Antioxidants – antioxidants help reduce the destructive effect of environmental stressors on you skin that can cause premature aging and skin disorders
  • Blue light absorbers – ingredients that protect specifically from blue light and its negative effect through absorbing it.

Our hand balm bars are filled to the brim with natural and vegan power ingredients that do one or several of the above tasks. Our pure, cold pressed, upcycled blueberry seed oil shields the skin from blue light exposure, is rich in essential fatty acids and protective phytosterols (protecting skin against oxidative stress), is high in linoleic acid (making it an excellent moisturizer) and a natural source of pro-retinol (vitamin A) giving it great anti-aging properties. Vegetable based squalane prevents skin water loss and restores its suppleness. Abyssinian Oil Esters deeply moisturize your skin and form a velvety protective film.

In short, we have thought of it all and created a hand balm bar with true superhero powers. 

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Why is our hand cream bar sustainable?

superzero stands for the most powerful beauty products while creating the highest sustainability standards and doing no harm – thus beating the bottle in all of its aspects. Our Heavenly Hydration and Blue Light Defense hand balm bar is 100% plastic-free, 100% plant-based, 100% vegan, cruelty-free and contains absolutely no nasties. It comes wrapped in a reusable, bio-grown wrapper (made from 100% biodegradable and home compostable cellulose) and packaged in a recycled and recyclable cardboard box with non-toxic inks and water-based adhesives. It contains no water and thus is ultra-compact to optimize its carbon footprint in shipping. Our reusable and refillable Beauty-To-Go Storage Case leaves no trace behind – it’s plastic-free and made from FSC-certified wood chips and plant-based binders, making it completely compostable and biodegradable. 

Yes, details matter – and we have taken every bit of detail into account to create the best of the best while doing no harm.

Last but not least, some important self care tips…

Stress is something we all deal with and it has a major effect on our health and happiness. Thus, while we know you are super busy, moments of self care should be a priority in your daily routine. To help you with that, we created an irresistible scent blend of lavender and chamomile oil. Routines ‘rule’ when it comes to self care… and we recommend taking a moment every night (and any time throughout your day) to practice mindfulness by massaging the balm into your hands, lifting your hands to your nose, taking a deep breath, and reminding yourself of what you are grateful for. 

Enjoy the world’s softest touch and pass it on. If we all do that, incredible things can happen…