How to protect your hair color? Top tips to make color last longer

Simply speaking, permanent hair coloring is done by opening up your hair cuticles chemically, inserting color pigments, and then shutting the cuticles again with an acidic solution. In order to protect your hard-earned hair color, you have to ensure your hair cuticles stay nicely shut and smooth. 

Here are our top tips to protect your hair color and enjoy it longer.

superzero color friendly hair bars

Use color-safe shampoos and condition!

What you have to look for is: a) added conditioning agents and emollients; b) non-drying ingredients (e.g., avoid shampoos with high sulfate concentration); b) pH optimized products.

HINT: you get all those with our shampoo bars.

Conditioning agents put a light protective layer onto your hair and keep cuticles smooth and shut, thus protecting your hair color.

HINT: our bars are formulated with clinically proven color-protectants such as sugarcane-derived hemisqualane, squalane, and Abyssinian and Macadamia Seed Oil esters.

superzero color friendly hair bars
Never use soap on your hair and stay away from heat

Soap has a high pH that opens up your hair cuticles and damages it and thus let’s your hair color fade faster. Sadly, some shampoo bars are mis-labeled soaps so make sure to avoid ingredients such as sodium stearate, sodium olivate, or sodium cocoate.

HINT: our bars are guaranteed soap-free.

Hot showers and intense heat styling damage your hair cuticles and thus make hair color fade faster. So keep it cool whenever you can and air dry your hair when possible.

HINT: there is plenty of proof of the positive health effects of finishing your shower routine with cold water. Consider hair color protection an added benefit.

superzero color friendly hair bars

Wash less frequently and protect for the dip

The more you can leave those strands alone and let your hair’s natural sebum and acidity do its job, the better for your hair color.

HINT: We formulated our bars to help you go longer between washes.

Chlorine can damage hair and pull out color. Before swimming, put a thin layer of conditioner into your wet hair, then put long hair into a loose bun and under the shower cap.

HINT: our conditioner bars make perfect leave-in conditioners. Just activate it, glide over wet hair a few times, massage briefly into hair and you are set with a nice protective layer.

Hair color is expensive - so don’t save on the wrong end and invest in color-safe, salon quality shampoo and conditioner… just like our bars!