Introducing skin care for your body

Our skin is our largest organ. One of the main functions of our skin is to protect us from external factors such as chemicals, bacteria, pollutants, and temperature. Our skin has bacteria-killing secretions and the melanin pigments in our skin provides protection against damaging UV light. Another important function of our skin is temperature regulation. The blood vessels in our dermis constrict when it is cold, allowing the blood to bypass the skins enabling the body to better conserve heat. When it is cold, the skin sweats to cool off the body. And, of course, our skin protects us from water loss - all with a flexible surface that protects our vital organs without restricting mobility. In short, our body skin is one of the many miracles of life and it surely deserves our attention and protective action.

Protecting our skin

The skin on our body is thicker than the skin on our face in most areas because the fat layer under the skin is usually thicker than on the face. Some areas of our body, such as hands and the soles of our feet, have an extra protective layer in the epidermis for more resilience and stretching ability. The natural turnover rate of cells in our skin is lower than on our face which can cause the skin to be drier, thinner, and scalier. New skin cells form less frequently and dead skin stays longer which can cause dryness, dullness, and flakes. Also, there are less oil-producing sebaceous glands on your body and thus body skin is less protected and lubricated – an additional reason for the skin on our body often being dry and needing some extra TLC in the form of hydration and barrier protection.

On the positive side, apart from our arms, hands and neck, our skin is usually better protected against UV rays because it is less exposed to the sun. Thus, it usually ages more slowly where it is covered by clothing – though not in areas such as hands and chest that are often exposed to the outside. All in all, aging body skin shows similar signs of aging as facial skin, namely the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as skin thinning, gravity-induced sagging, dryness and flakiness, broken blood vessels, and the appearance of age spots.


The superzero 3-in-1 body balms

Many people care for their facial skin daily but pay much less attention to the skin on their bodies. But in order to keep the skin on your body hydrated, smooth, soft, radiant, bright, and tight, you should not make it an afterthought in your self-care routine. Our ceramide body bars make it easy and pleasurable to care for and pamper your body and keep it soft, smooth, supple and radiant while enhancing skin elasticity and youthfulness. The ceramides in our moisturizing body balms create the foundation for lasting body rejuvenation and protection as they are proven to strengthen the skin barrier function to protect the skin from external aggressors, prevent excessive water loss, and to boost epidermal moisturization. Building on our ceramides, super botanicals such as sugarcane-derived squalane, reishi extract, jojoba oil, and bacuri butter are clinically proven to tighten, brighten, hydrate, and rejuvenate your skin. Each bar features a proprietary wellness blend – from relaxation to refreshment to relief - nourishing your mind and soul while pampering your body - because to feel truly well in your body, you need to take good care of your mind. The concentrated delivery in the ergonomically shaped bars provides a massage experience for some unique self-love and pampering. 

Sustainability by design

Like all superzero bars, our body balms are good for you, for your health, and for the planet. All bars are plant-based, vegan, cruelty-free, and as clean as can be. They contain zero plastic and microplastic and are carbon optimized through a waterless, small weight and volume footprint compared to watered-down liquids.

Tips to keep your skin healthy and youthful

In addition to a daily self-pampering session with our ceramide body moisturizers, here are some other things to keep the skin on your body happy, healthy, and youthful:

  • Apply SPF daily in the morning in areas that are exposed to the sun.
  • Use gentle body cleansers that don’t strip your skin of essential oils and are gentle on the skin barrier function and don’t strip moisture from your skin.
  • Don’t shower too hot. The water for your showers or baths should be warm, not hot, as warm water is less drying and helps reduce the appearance of visibly broken capillaries.