Welcome to our superzero Ambassador Program. We are looking for passionate, outgoing individuals interested in clean beauty and that love our planet. Superzero Ambassadors are part of a global network of the most creative, entrepreneurial and fun people in the world!

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Beauty products reimagined

Determined to take a no-compromise approach to sustainability and performance, we’ve started from zero to reimagine the way beauty products are developed. Because real beauty does no harm.

Lower carbon footprint

Bottled beauty products contain 80 to 90% water. That's why they are packaged in plastic. We took the water out and eliminated plastic and wasteful over-packaging. Starting from zero with only the best and cleanest ingredients, we completely reinvented formulations and manufacturing. The results? The best and cleanest beauty products - with the lowest plastic and carbon footprint.

Giving back

Through our partnership with 1% for the Planet, every bar we sell proudly supports ocean cleanup and marine conservation efforts.

Meet our community

@withlove.sandra | SAN DIEGO, CA

"This is a game changer! My hair looks so healthy and you can feel good about what you are putting in your hair. Sandra"

@lovelaughteradventure | LOS ANGELES, CA

"I absolutely love @superzeronow’s mission of creating amazing hair products while doing no harm. April"

@the_gadabout_gab | AUSTRALIA

"Keeping the blonde long locks in check can be a full-time job, but I am excited to say @superzeronow shampoo and conditioner has made a WORLD of difference. Gabi"