1.8oz shampoo bar (= 2 liquid shampoo bottles) + storage dish
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  • PLASTIC FREE beauty hair care


    SULFATE FREE beauty hair care


    CRUELTY FREE beauty hair care


    VEGAN beauty hair care


    CLEAN beauty hair care


    SUPER SMOOTHING beauty hair care


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    Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the bar dry my hair?

    No. Our bars do not dry your hair. On the contrary, our shampoo bars are enriched with conditioning agents that help nourish and smooth your hair, and our conditioner bars are all about that. We also don’t use detergent sulfates which can dry out hair and pull out hair color.

  • Does the bar remove my color?

    No. We do not use harsh detergent sulfates that can pull out hair color. If you have colored hair, we recommend our shampoo and conditioner bar for dry and color treated hair which are enriched with oils that help retain hair color.

  • Is it soap?

    No. We set out to make the world’s lightest shampoo, not the world's most mislabeled soap. That distinction is worth making because as demand grows for shampoo bars, beauty companies are scrambling to get in on the trend –– throwing together quick formulas that are more soap than shampoo.

    While soap is great for hand washing, it’s horrible for hair washing, ultimately leading to long-term damage. That’s why in all of our formulas, we avoid saponification (the chemical reaction that produces soap) –– ultimately creating shampoo that is exactly what it says it is: the lightest. shampoo. ever. In other words, not soap.

  • How do I store it?

    Drainage and proper drying between use is essential to keep your bars in good shape. While the bar is in the shower, it’s best to keep it on a well-draining surface that allows lots of air flow around it. Our shapes are optimized to minimize surface area. That's why our shampoo bars have a UFO shape (narrower bottom for less surface area) and our full size conditioner bars have a square shape (to store on side).

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