Ethyl Macadamiate

What is Ethyl Macadamiate ?

Ethyl Macadamiate is moisturizing mixture of macademia esters and a low viscosity, natural silicone alternative. fatty acids from macademia nut oil are mixed with an ester of ethyl alcohol to create ethyl macadamiate. macademia nuts are the nuts of the macadamia ternifolia tropical tree which is native to the coastal rainforests of australia.

What are the benefits of Ethyl Macadamiate in hair care and beauty?

Ethyl Macadamiate adds a protective coat to your hair without weighing it down for less hair breakage and more shine. Macadamia’s high palmitoleic acid content is similar to that found within human skin surface lipids. It leaves the skin silky smooth and increases skin radiance and sin hydration.

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