shine brighter, tread lighter

Beauty’s problem is bigger than a blemish – it’s a massive waste footprint. Look past the veneer, and you’ll find an ugly trail of waste, questionable ingredients, oversized plastic packaging, and careless choices that create unnecessary pollution and carbon emissions. Discover how we are shrinking beauty’s environmental footprint with every wash, rinse, care, and repeat.

superzero no list: no plastic

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no plastic

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no hidden microplastics

superzero no list: no bottles
superzero no list: no harmfull packinging

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climate neutrality

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no water

superzero no list: no water
superzero no list: no BS

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no BS

our giving back commitment

Our promise to the planet goes beyond setting a new bar for beauty. As a pro-future brand, we’re not just sidestepping plastic – we’re helping to clean up after decades of pollution and fighting for a more beautiful tomorrow.

Giving back

Through our partnership with 1% for the Planet, every bar we sell proudly supports the fight against plastic pollution and for ocean conservation.

Our goal

Our goal is to avoid unnecessary new plastic pollution and carbon emissions through our products and to clean up after others through our giveback commitment. We are starting with hair and body care but you can count on us to take beauty to the next level way beyond that very soon.