superzero faq, an answer to all your questions


An answer to all your questions

The Superzero Guarantee: if you are not satisfied with your product, return it to us for a full refund - anytime!

We have put a tremendous amount of time and effort in creating what we believe are simply the best beauty products out there. Our customers have been thrilled, so we are happy to offer a lifetime garanteee!

We have also created a line of minis to make it easy for anybody to try what we understand is a new form factor; we are so used to plastic bottles! Many of us have questions about solid products that look like soap - and are anything but.

Many of our products are optimized for specific hair and skin types. If you are unsure which product is right for you, please don't hesitate to reach out at

If you feel our products do not deliver on your expectations, you can reach out to us and we will refund you after you have sent them back. Please note that we may not be able to issue a full refund if we weren't given the chance to help you choose your product first. Don't hesitate to drop us an email at any time at

Terms and Conditions:

To be eligible for our return policy, products must have been purchased from

If you have tried your product and it doesn't meet your expectations, simply email our team at If we can't resolve your problem, simply return your product for a full refund, but not almost completely used! They must be sent back at 75% or more of their original size. Once received, we will refund your purchase in full – for the amount you paid for your bars and the shipping costs to send it back to us.

If you bought the wrong product and haven’t opened it yet, you can return it to us for a credit or refund of the purchase price, minus shipping. You are responsible for return postage and the products must be untouched.

Please email our team at to find out the return address. Once we have received the products and our team confirms their condition, we will then process a credit or refund.

No. Our bars do not dry your hair. On the contrary, our shampoo bars are enriched with conditioning agents that help nourish and smooth your hair, and our conditioner bars are all about that. We also don’t use detergent sulfates which can dry out hair and pull out hair color.

No. We do not use harsh detergent sulfates that can pull out hair color. If you have colored hair, we recommend our shampoo and conditioner bar for dry and color treated hair which are enriched with oils that help retain hair color.

1. Wet your hair and your bar

2. Massage the bar onto your hair, using gentle circles to summon suds

3. Set the bar aside and use your hands to work the lather into your hair

4. Rinse well and follow up with conditioner as needed

5. Dry and enjoy lighter, brighter hair

1. Use on wet, pre-shampooed hair

2. Wet your bar with warm water. Activate it by massaging it between wet hands.

3. Glide bar over hair, away from scalp, coating any areas that need conditioning. Bar releases conditioning formula gradually over time

4. Massage the formula into hair as needed

5. Rinse, dry, and enjoy light, nourished hair

No. We set out to make the world’s lightest shampoo, not the world's most mislabeled soap. That distinction is worth making because as demand grows for shampoo bars, beauty companies are scrambling to get in on the trend –– throwing together quick formulas that are more soap than shampoo.

While soap is great for hand washing, it’s horrible for hair washing, ultimately leading to long-term damage. That’s why in all of our formulas, we avoid saponification (the chemical reaction that produces soap) –– ultimately creating shampoo that is exactly what it says it is: the lightest. shampoo. ever. In other words, not soap.

Drainage and proper drying between use is essential to keep your bars in good shape. While the bar is in the shower, it’s best to keep it on a well-draining surface that allows lots of air flow around it. Our shapes are optimized to minimize surface area. That's why our shampoo bars have a UFO shape (narrower bottom for less surface area) and our full size conditioner bars have a square shape (to store on side).

The best way to transport our bars is to store in our alu storage cases or other carrying case. Also look at instructions on the sleeve of the case:

1. Flip lid under bottom of case to improve drainage.
2. Let bars fully dry before closing storage case.
3. Always drain water from case and ensure bars don't sit in water.

First of all, feel the good pride at the end of your bar, because you have made a difference! If shampoo bar breaks, put pieces into the soap bag and use as you would use as shampoo bar. The bag is made from organic cotton to avoid use of plastic and drainage off micro-plastic with water run off from shampooing. Always make sure that nothing you use in the shower contains any plastic (like polyester) as that causes microplastics in the water system that harm you, your loved ones and the planet.