Your hair's future just got a whole lot brighter.

Introducing the world's cleanest blonde shampoo.

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New era beauty heroes

Active packed, intelligent, and clean formulations that outperform the bottle.
Developed with beauty scientists, our plant-based & water-free products are bio-engineered to work better for longer, while doing no harm to your health or the planet.
Plant-based, vegan, cruelty-free, tailored to your hair and skin needs, lower carbon footprint and always plastic-free.

"superzero, a new sustainable hair-care line of bar shampoos and conditioners that actually perform"

"Packed with cocoa butter to help nourish dry, damaged hair, while also being color safe thanks to its natural silicone alternatives and lack of artificial fragrance"

"superzero is out to be the Tesla of plastic-free haircare bars"

My hair was a lot less frizzy with fewer flyaways and felt a lot softer. It also dried with a much more natural looking wave pattern without me having to do anything.


Shampoo for dry, colored and damaged hair

I have been using the shampoo bar and conditioner bar for a couple of months now and my hair has never been shinier! Love the product and love the fact that it does not use any plastic or bad ingredients!


Shampoo for normal, oily, fine hair

Wow, I've found my new favorite hand product. I'm obsessed! My hands feel incredible... they are so soft and hydrated. The scent is amazing too - very relaxing. Definitely recommend!


Heavenly Hydration and Blue Light Defense Hand Balm

Grant, a user of the full body bar

The hair and body bar from Superzero is an absolute game changer! Within seconds I'm lathered in a manly, aquatic scent - and to no cost to the environment! Goodbye bottle, hello bar.


Discover our two-in-one body and hair shampoo

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