What is eco-friendly packaging?

When you are truthfully trying to go green with your packaging, every little decision about materials counts and they all add up to a big difference. Packaging is making up a significant portion of conventional beauty products’ carbon footprint and causes enormous pollution when unsustainable choices are made. The beauty industry alone creates 120 billion units of plastic waste every year, contributing to climate change, harming marine life and negatively affecting our health as microplastics. 

superzero eco-friendly packaging

superzero for biodegradable packaging

In our pursuit to fight pollution and microplastics, we eliminated all plastic from our products and biodegradable packaging and we looked at every detail to right-size and pick eco-friendly materials to minimize our carbon footprint.

We start with packaging our plastic-free beauty bars in recycled, recyclable and compostable cardboard boxes, using only water-based inks and adhesives. We avoid laminations on our boxes – both inside and outside – as they often contain plastic and instead use a water-based finish and compostable, plastic-free wrappers to wrap the bars that need extra wrapping. All our boxes are right-sized to avoid excess carbon emissions from shipping because carbon emissions from transportation are dramatically increased with increased volume and weight – which both are significantly influenced by packaging. 

To ensure sustainable shipping of our orders, we use either 100% recycled, plastic-free padded mailers or right-sized mailer boxes containing recycled material. If padding is needed, we use green wrap that is made from renewable materials, naturally biodegradable, compostable, and fully recyclable. We seal our boxes with eco-friendly tape that is paper-based and has a natural rubber adhesive. The shipping labels with your addresses on do not use silicone coated release liners to make sure that they are curbside recyclable. All our eco-friendly shipping materials are proudly made in the USA which reduces emissions from shipping.

superzero eco-friendly packaging
What to Look for in Sustainable Packaging

When looking for sustainable packaging, make sure to avoid plastic wherever you can. Even when you look at cardboard, make sure to dig deep and ask the brands you buy from the hard questions. Do they use laminations on the outside to achieve a nice, glossy finish at the cost of adding plastic to the board? Do they use laminations on the inside to protect it – like a wrapper would but at a higher cost? Do they oversize their packaging for a bigger size impression on the shelf – at the expense of higher emissions when shipping products? Do they use plastic-based shipping tape, non-recyclable shipping labels, bubble wrap for protection or foam peanuts that are made from expanded polystyrene foam (a plastic) to fill their shipper boxes? 

superzero eco-friendly packaging

Why is Sustainable Packaging Important?

Choosing eco-friendly packaging is important when you strive to live more sustainably as the impact on the packaging industry on both pollution and climate change is massive. We work very hard to look at every detail to make eco-friendly packaging and provide you with the most sustainable packaging solutions out there.