our ingredient philosophy: From zero to above and beyond

supzerzero ingredients for the shamoo bar for thinning hair

zero in methodology

our know-list

Plant-derived ingredients

Our formulas are at least 98% plant-based, accompanied by safe science that transforms raw, natural ingredients into high-performing beauty products.

Clean ingredients

Our ingredients have exceptional safety rankings. Discover our no-know ingredient list below.

Vegan ingredients

All of our formulas are completely vegan to protect animal well-being and minimize the negative climate implications associated with excess breeding.

Cruelty-free ingredients

Our products are never, ever tested on animals.

Responsibly sourced palm oil

Our shampoo bars are palm free. Our decision to use minimal palm oil based ingredients instead of alternatives such as coconut oil based ingredients for a few of our actives in our conditioner bars stems from our understanding that palm oil uses less space, produces less greenhouse gasses, and requires less energy. In the few instances where we use palm based ingredients, they are always RSPO certified.

our no-list

No plastic

Our bars are packaged and formulated without harmful plastics. All our products are certified microplastic-free by The Plastic Soup Foundation.

No harsh sulfates

We leave out harsh detergent sulfates, opting for always gentle ingredients that won't irritate your skin or dry out your hair.

No silicones

We leave out silicones because they can clog our waterways, pollute our environment, and build up in your hair.

No synthetic fragrances

We leave out synthetic fragrances that can irritate your skin and trigger sensitivities. Also, we want you to know exactly what is in our ingredients and with synthetic fragrances we can't live up to that promise as a lot of things can hide behind the words "fragrance" or "parfum" on an INCI list without the need to declare the details.

No phthalates, DEA, or parabens

We leave out ingredients science is undecided about to minimize risks and stay true to what you want. That includes phthalates, DEA, and parabens. We also follow the EU cosmetics safety regulations which has a much more extensive "ban" list on ingredients than the US.

supzero ingredients supzero ingredients

ingredient dictionary

We believe in total transparency, which means we’ll let you in on the secret of our bars: there are no secrets. If you want to know what’s lifting your hair up, just browse our ingredient dictionary. There, you’ll find exactly what goes into every product and why.