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How do purple shampoos work?

The best waterless shampoo for blonde, white and highlighted hair has met its match. Introducing: the purple conditioner bar for blonde and highlighted hair! This is a “purple conditioner” that deeply conditions, nourishes, and protects for enhanced softness and shine and longer-lasting color while offsetting unwanted yellow and brassy tones in blonde, highlighted, and white hair. The bar is entirely plastic free, including microplastic free, all while being a true conditioner, not soap! 

How does a blonde conditioner work?

Did you ever wonder what the “purple” in shampoo actually does & why those with colored or highlighted hair always talk about it? We focus on gentle-yet-effective toning action based on the principles of the color wheel. The way a color wheel works is that the opposite color on the wheel balances out extremes in your hair color. Purple and blue violet are on the opposite end of yellow and orange-yellow and thus help neutralize yellow-ish and brassy tones for a cooler, well toned blonde. It is the role of the purple pigment in a blonde bar to do that and to thus “tone” your hair. The color pigments are tiny and enough remain on your hair when rinsing to achieve the visual effect. Since there is no bleaching going on but it’s a temporary toning action, the results wash out when you shampoo your hair again.

The purple bar works especially well on color-treated blonde hair and blonde highlights (while doing no color harm to the non-highlighted dark parts of your hair, in case your hair skews darker aside from the highlights). But it also works on naturally blonde hair to keep it bright and fresh.

Now, as much as we love plant-based ingredients, we had to make a small exception for our purple conditioner bar by choosing synthetic violet color pigments as there are simply no natural purple colorants that do anything for toning and brightening your hair. However, the amount of pigments in our bar represents far less than 0.1% of the ingredients, keeping the plant-based portion of ingredients in the very high nineties. 

Does purple shampoo work on grey hair?

This is the shampoo for you if you want to keep white and grey hair bright and offset yellow-ish tones! Since grey hair lacks pigment, it is less protected and naturally prone to damage. This bar will help your grey shine crisp and bright without weighing it down with heavy silicones.

The power of hemisqualane and squalane

Our purple shampoo bar is not only great of toning your hair but it is also active packed with silicone-free conditioning agents that are clinically proven to reduce frizz and damage and increase softness and shine, Hemisqualane is a hair conditioning agent made via the fermentation of sustainable, renewable sugar cane and grown sustainably without irrigation. This makes it 100% plant-derived and renewable.

Squalane, also plant-derived and renewable, is sourced from plant sugars and yeast fermentation through biotechnology.

Hemisqualane has benefits such as outstanding conditioning and proven reduction of frizz and comb force by 30%. It also provides significantly enhanced softness, shine, color maintenance and thermal production. In hair care, Squalane has been shown to outperform argan oil across multiple attributes from wet and dry combing energy, hair shine, softness and manageability, hair body and the reduction of frizz and fly-aways. Studies have shown that squalane significantly reduces dry and wet combing force, significantly increases hair manageability and body, reduces fly-aways, and enhances shine and volume. 

Let’s get down to it. How do you use our purple conditioner bar?

1. Use on wet, pre-shampooed hair

2. Wet your bar with warm water. Activate it by massaging it between wet hands

3. Glide bar over hair, away from scalp, onto areas that need
conditioning. Bar releases conditioning formula gradually over time so a little patience might be required

4. Rinse, dry, and enjoy light, nourished hair

5. Expect your highlighted, blonde hair ro shine on throughout your day! 

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