How to store shampoo bars

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How to store shampoo bars

Shampoo bars take a little extra love than shampoo in a plastic bottle. It is crucial that we keep our bars stored properly. Drainage and proper drying between uses is essential to keep your bars in good shape. While the bar is in the shower, it’s best to keep it on a well-draining surface that allows lots of air flow around it. Our shapes are optimized to minimize surface area. That's why our shampoo bars have a UFO shape (narrower bottom for less surface area) and our full size conditioner bars have a square shape (to store on side). 

The most important part about shampoo and conditioner bar storage is keeping them dry and not allowing them to sit in water. Water will turn your bars into mush, making them harder to use when you need them and making them break more easily! It is suggested that you keep your shower door open or move your bars out of the shower to ensure that they dry between uses. 

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How do I transport my bars?

Make sure to keep your bar well protected when you travel, and whenever possible, make sure the bar dries properly before you pack it. If that is not possible, make sure to remove it from its case when you are at your destination.

Our storage case is a storage option for your shampoo bar. Instructions for using it are easy! 
1. Flip lid under bottom of case to improve drainage.
2. Let the bars fully dry before closing the storage case.
3. Always drain water from the case and ensure bars don't sit in water.

If you plan on traveling without the storage case, make sure you have a surface at your destination that is drainable so that your bars can dry after use. 

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What happens at the end of life of your bar?

First of all, feel good pride at the end of your bar, because you have made a difference! If your shampoo bar breaks, put pieces into our bar savior bag and use as you would use as shampoo bar.  The bag is made from organic cotton to avoid use of plastic and drainage of micro-plastic with water run off from shampooing. Always make sure that nothing you use in the shower contains any plastic (like polyester) as that causes microplastics in the water system that harm you, your loved ones and the planet.

superzero savior bag