What is dandruff? Are dry scalp and dandruff related?

Dandruff is caused by abnormal peeling of the scalp’s epidermal cells which is promoted by factors such as stress, hormonal imbalance, excessive sweating, etc. Dandruff is enhanced by an above normal presence of Malassezia fungi which causes inflammation resulting in itching and irritation and excess sebum secretion. Inflammation causes an impaired barrier function which aggravates the issue. It is important that you get a specific shampoo for dandruff


The best ingredients for anti-dandruff shampoo bars

Our shampoo bar for itchy scalps and flakes helps to soothe the scalp, regulate sebum secretion, and restore the natural skin barrier – all while being gentle and sulfate-free.  The main active in our plastic free anti-dandruff shampoo is Brazilian Ziziphus Joaxeiro Bark Extract which has been shown in studies to be 33% more effective in dandruff reaction af than the commonly used dandruff active Zinc Pyrithione while also regulating sebum secretion better than Zinc Phyrithione which can increase sebum secretion on the scalp. Also featured in the ingredients in this particular version of our solid bar shampoo is Tea Tree oil which has a soothing, slightly cooling effect to help bring relief to itchy scalps. 

Like all superzero shampoo bars, this bar is vegan, cruelty-free, zero waste, sulfate free and absolutely plastic free. It is gentle enough for daily use. No wonder that it has been called the best solid shampoo bar for dandruff by treehugger. We quote: “After a month of using superzero’s shampoo bar for flakes and itchy scalp, Treehugger’s tester notices fewer flakes, and overall thought this bar worked great.” 

Should you use a conditioner bar if you have dandruff?

If your hair is on the dry side or is in need for extra smoothing, softening or shine, we recommend you pair our zero waste dandruff shampoo bar with one of our conditioner bars. Since a conditioner bar is not meant to be applied directly to your scalp, the best choice for you depends on your overall hair type. Fine, normal and oily hair will do best with our “orange” conditioner bar, our “pink” conditioner bar is best for dry, damaged, color-treated or curly hair, while you should choose our conditioner bar for thinning hair if you enjoy the stimulating effect of rosemary and peppermint and some gentle conditioning without much weight.