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Top 6 Must-Know Summer Hair Care Tips

We love summer but it sure can wreak havoc on our hair. Sun, chlorine, and salt damage your hair cuticle, causing frizz, dullness, roughness, discoloration, and a loss of shine. In addition, those of us with fine or thinning hair (yes, that’s me 👋) know that your scalp can burn too which is not only unpleasant and irritating but also increases the long-term risk for skin cancer. Thus, in time for the official kickoff of the most exciting season of them all, here are our 6 must-follow summer hair care tips.

Wear a hat and protect your hair

Yes, that’s what our moms and grandmothers told us and we didn’t want to hear it then either – but it still holds true and always will. A hat is still a MUST to keep summer hair healthy, shiny, and smooth. Hair and scalp sunscreen are good add-ons but beware of chemicals in some of them and know that they won’t offer the same levels of protection as a full block with the good old hat – or a chic head scarf if you so desire.

Protect your hair cuticles before you take a dip with a leave-in conditioner. Wet your favorite superzero conditioner bar and massage it rigorously between wet hands to release the cream formula, spread it out and massage into your hair and repeat to a good level of protection. Yes, fine hair might feel a bit heavier, but it’s well worth the long-term benefits. Using our hair serum bar as a prewash hair mask also offers added protection: apply it onto dry hair before washing, leave for 10 minutes or more, and then wash like usual. Lastly, another truth that my daughter doesn’t like to hear is that a swim cap protects your hair so your best protection against pool water is the combination of a leave-in conditioner + cap. The cap creates a barrier which makes it harder for chlorine to reach your hair. And coating your hair with leave-in conditioner or a hair mask makes it harder for the chlorine to penetrate the hair shaft.

Take the time for regular deep conditioning treatments

Deep conditioning is extra important when your hair is exposed to heat, sun, salt, and chlorine. After washing, use our conditioner bar as leave-in conditioner by massaging the wet bar between wet hands and massaging it into wet hair after your regular wash. Or use our hair serum bar by applying it onto towel-dry hair before drying your hair like usual. We also like to use our hair serum bar as a pre-wash hair mask. Apply a generous amount onto dry hair before washing, leave it for 10 minutes or more (you can also leave it overnight after a long day on the beach or at the pool) and then shampoo it out.

Go natural and don’t delay the wash

Summer is the time to go especially light on heat styling and hair color because both put your hair under extra stress and damage. They lift and harm your cuticles, accelerating permanent damage. So unpack the hair straightener, save the energy for your hair drier and the money for that other color you always wanted to try.

After exposure to salt or chlorine water, rinse your hair as soon as you can to give them less exposure time to get into your hair cuticles. If there is a shower at the beach or pool, rinse thoroughly once you get out of the water (even if the water is cold 😉). When you get home, shower promptly. Start by rinsing with a lot of water, then shampoo and condition like usual with the right bars for your hair type (if in doubt, go with the more conditioning ones for the summer months) and give the conditioner an extra 2 minutes on your hair to do its work.

Take extra care of grays

Gray hair lacks protective melanin. Since melanin offers a level of protection against sun exposure, gray and white hair suffers even more during the summer months and is at extra risk of becoming dry, brittle, and dull. Thus, make sure to take extra care to follow the tips explained above. Also, hair tends to thin as you age, offering less scalp protection against sunrays. So never go without that hat – and if you can’t, apply sunscreen on your scalp.

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