What is a vegan shampoo bar and why does it matter?

Searching for the best vegan hair care brand? If you are looking for the best vegan shampoo bars and conditioner bars, you have come to the right place! Vegan shampoo and conditioner bars are manufactured without the use of any animal ingredients. Vegan is different from cruelty-free, which means that a product has not been tested on animals. Strictly speaking, a vegan product can still be tested on animals and a cruelty-free product is not necessarily vegan. 

Common animal-derived (and thus non-vegan) ingredients found in beauty and personal care products are beeswax, lanolin, honey, squalene (shark liver oil; NOT to be confused with squalane which is plant-derived), carmine (the red color in lipsticks that comes from crushed-up beetles), gelatin (from cow or pig bones, tendons or ligaments), just to name a few. The most common reasons to choose vegan beauty products are to promote animal protection, environmental protection, and improved health. 


Why vegan matters

The environmental benefits of going vegan are due to the fact that vegan beauty helps reduce the demand for livestock –– with the livestock industry being one of the biggest contributors to climate change and a very energy-intensive and wasteful industry. Going vegan is, in fact, said to be one of the most effective measures an individual can take to help fight climate change because one fifth of global greenhouse gas emissions are caused by the livestock industry (as per Project Drawdown). 

Are plastic-free, cruelty-free, zero-waste, and vegan products the same?

When it comes to beauty products and their environmental footprint, it’s our responsibility to note that looking for “vegan” is important, yes. But it’s not entirely enough. The use of plastic packaging in the beauty industry has a significant negative impact on our environment and on climate change, and thus should be avoided wherever possible. In addition, mineral oil-based products such as petrolatum or petroleum jelly that you commonly find in the ingredient lists of personal care products are per definition vegan (because they are not derived from animals but from fossil fuels) but they are far from being environmentally friendly as they deplete non-renewable resources and contribute to accelerated climate change. Our products are eco-friendly in every aspect. 


Vegan shampoo and conditioner bars for all hair types

When it comes to vegan hair care, we’ve got you covered! We are proud that our superzero shampoo and conditioner bars are also  cruelty-free, free of mineral oil, and free of plastics and microplastics. It’s these details that empower us to raise the beauty industry’s bar, not only for sustainability –– but all around, from performance and healthy ingredients to the lowest possible environmental footprint, animal protection, and beyond. 


Vegan Shampoo Bars for All Hair Types

We have the best shampoo and conditioner bars just for – no matter your hair type or condition. Our vegan, plastic-free, and cruelty-free shampoo bars include dry / damaged / color treated / curly hair, itchy scalp / flakes (uses tea tree leaf oil), normal / oily / fine hair, blonde / white / highlighted hair, coily / kinky hair, thinning / aging hair, and an all-over hair and body bar. All of our products are specially formulated without plastic and harmful ingredients to give you your best hair ever.