What is waterless shampoo?

Waterless shampoo, not to be confused with no rinse shampoo, is shampoo that uses only minimal, in any, water in its formulation. Usually, waterless shampoo comes in solid bar form like our superzero shampoo bars. Using less to no water in our concentrated formulas allows us to be more sustainable by avoiding plastic packaging, conserving water which is the most valuable resource we have on this planet (indeed, by 2030, half of the world’s population could live under significant water stress), and avoiding excess weight and volume in shipping to reduce carbon emissions from shipping. All that without downside to the consumer who has water in her/his bathroom. We believe waterless hair care is the future of the beauty industry. 

waterless shampoo and conditioners

Why sustainability matters

Sustainable development is extremely important. Water is right now the number one raw material used in the beauty and personal care industry because it is so cost effective and creates a nice big footprint at the shelf which helps because consumers have been educated for a long time that “bigger is better” - which we obviously do not agree with. We are changing that to drastically increase sustainability. While this might sound easy, it is actually very difficult to do because the beauty industry has formulated with water for decades. As a result, it takes a lot of deep expertise to find and blend actives that can go into water-less or water-free formulations that perform as well as or better than salon grade shampoos. It took us many, many months to perfect our bars and to create customized formulations for different hair types within our system, and we are very proud of the formulations we arrived at.

waterless shampoo and conditioners
Are waterless, rinseless, dry shampoo the same?

The short answer is no. Waterless shampoo means that there is minimal water used in the product. superzero bars are used with water and, therefore, you will lather and rinse per usual. Dry shampoo is a starch that is designed to absorb oil in your hair. Dry shampoo often contains synthetic fragrances and may leave a white residue behind after use. No-rinse shampoo foam but you do not need to use water. Rinseless shampoos can give your hair some bounce back but do not clean as well as waterless shampoos. 

waterless shampoo and conditioners

How long does a regular shampoo last versus a waterless shampoo?

Bigger is not always better – also not in beauty – and our concentrated formulas may be small but surely are mighty and they last a long time. One of our full-size waterless shampoo bars lasts as long as 2 to 3 x 8.4oz bottles of shampoo. Depending on how frequently you use your shampoo bar, it can last you over 3 months.